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01 August 2022

ITT Cannon has been at the forefront of EV charging technology for over a decade.


cooled 500A HPC solutions, we have experience, global reach, and customization expertise to help you meet the toughest challenges. Our AC solutions are available from 10 to 80A in IEC 62196, SAE J1772 and GB/T 20234 variants. While our Fast Charge DC solutions, delivering up to 200A, are available in CCS1 and CCS2 as are our HPC liquid-cooled solutions, that can provide up to 500A continuously. Whatever your requirement ITT Cannon can deliver a customized solution to meet the toughest challenges.
Application / Market: eMobility
Available solutions include
Customizable AC (IEC 62196, SAE J1772 and GB/T 20234)
Fast Charge CCS1 and CCS2 variants
Liquid-cooled 500A
Ultra-reliable contact design
Minimum 10k mating cycles
Leading customization expertise
Cable options certified and approved to regional requirements
?Sealing to meet and exceed specifications
Coupler connector/plug strain relief provides protection from cable overstressing
?Extensive customization options (colors, harness, terminals etc)
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