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Commercial Grade Attenuators CGA-1040 Series

04 July 2022

New technology from Bel Fuse-Commercial Grade Attenuators CGA-1040 Series.

Commercial Grade Attenuators CGA-1040 Series

Commercial Grade Attenuators CGA-1040 Series. Bel Fuse is introducing the CGA-1040 series attenuators for commercial applications that are part of the Midwest Microwave Commercial Grade series. Applications include cellular base stations, public safety systems, Wi-Fi networks, active antenna systems, 5G, GPS, and many other commercial applications. These RF and microwave attenuators are designed and tested to ensure reliable performance, while also being available as a standard stocked item. These RF and microwave attenuators are SMA male to SMA female that operate at DC to 4 GHz. These attenuators have a passivated stainless-steel construction, gold-plated brass, and gold-plated beryllium copper center contacts, and they are RoHs compliant.
Housing Passivated stainless steel
Coupling nut Passivated stainless steel
Male Center Contact Gold plated brass
Female Center Contact Gold plated beryllium copper
Operating Temperature -65 ° to 85 °C
Frequency of Operation - DC-4GHz
Impedance - 50O (Nominal)
Attenuation values available - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 dB
Attenuation Accuracy
1 and 2 dB ±0.35 dB
3 to 6 dB ±0.40 dB
7 to 20 dB ±0.55 dB
VSWR -1.18:1 (max.)
Input Power (at 25°C)- 2W (CW)
Best combination of price and performance
For general commercial use
4 GHz operation
Passivated stainless steel construction
SMA Male to SMA Female
Cellular base stations
Public safety systems
Wi-Fi networks hardware
Active antenna systems
5G network hardware
GPS systems
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