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09 Jan 2023

Extrusion EMI Gasket in solid round and tube shape having conductive strip of fluorosilicone binding, filled with nickel plated graphite and Silver Plated Aluminum material with 1 - 10 meter length. Extruded EMI Gasket, Conductive Strip, Silicone Binding, Nickel Plated Graphite (Ni/C) Filler, Solid Round, 1 m [3.28 ft] Long, Kemtron 1201 Series.
Product Features
Gasket Type: Extruded EMI Gasket
Finished Type: Conductive Strip
Binding Material: Silicone
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03 Jan 2023

The EFM32PG23 Gecko family of microcontrollers is part of the Series 2 Gecko portfolio. EFM32PG23 Gecko MCUs are ideal for enabling energy-friendly embedded applications. The highly efficient solution contains a 80 MHz Cortex-M33 with rich analog and commu-nication peripherals to provide an industry-leading, energy efficient MCU for consumer and industrial applications.
Gecko applications include
Industrial Automation
Test and Measurement
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27 Dec 2022

The USB-200 Series provides improved cost/performance compared to our similarly priced 12-bit DAQ devices. Each device provides eight single-ended (SE) analog inputs, eight DIO channels, one event counter, and external pacer I/O.The USB-202 and USB-205 also provide two analog output channels.
Eight 12-bit analog inputs
Sample rates up to 500 kS/s
Up to two analog outputs
Eight digital I/O lines
One 32-bit event counter input
External pac..
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19 Dec 2022

The KEMET SCF-XV coils are common mode chokes with a wide variety of characteristics for automotive and harsh environment industrial application. These toroidal coils are designed with nanocrystalline metal cores and are useful in various noise countermeasure fields.
On board charger for EV/PHEV
Wireless charging systems with 85 kHz
Medium power drives for steering, air conditioning and mild hybrid 48 V systems
High voltage automotive and harsh ..
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12 Dec 2022

TDK offers compact inductors with enhanced performance capabilities to address smartphone power circuit demands Rated current increased by 10 per compared to conventional products to reach 5.5 A with DC resistance reduced by 22 per to 25 Ohm. Use of proprietary metallic magnetic material technology pivotal in these improvements Compact low-profile form factor with 2.0 L 1.2 W 0.8 H mm dimensions. TDK Corporation TSE:6762 has developed the new TFM201208BLE series of inductors optimized for spac..
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