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08 May 2023

The InfiniiVision 3000A X-Series redefined oscilloscopes. It sees the most signal detail, does more functions than any other oscilloscope, and gives you maximum investment protection. The 3000A X-Series’ innovation starts with the industry’s only 6-instruments-in-1 integration. The industry-leading one million waveforms per second update rate is 20 times faster than the competition to display the most signal detail. The 3000A X-Series provides maximum investment protection with fully upgradab..
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01 May 2023

MDPFTV is a complete ruggedized solution around Mini DisplayPort standard using a Tri Start Thread coupling mechanism (MIL-DTL-38999 series III type) to connect the two plug and receptacle parts. This solution allows you to insert a standard Mini DP cordset into a metallic plug which will protect it from shocks, dust and fluids. The assembly of this ruggedized plug does not require any tool and can be easily done directly on the field.
Main characteristics :<..
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24 Apr 2023

The CSE-SGAM-ccc-SGAM cable assembly provides SMA plug (male pin) connection with the option of 152 mm, 305 mm or 610 mm (6 in, 12 in, 24 in) lengths of RG-316/U coaxial cable.
Operating from 0 Hz to 8 GHz, the CSE-SGAM- ccc-SGAM cable assembly combines superior performance, compact size, and convenient threaded mating interfaces to provide a reliable, easy-to-use connector. Additionally, all Linx coaxial cables and connectors meet RoHS lead free standards and are tested to meet requir..
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17 Apr 2023

TE Connectivity (TE)’s Aluminum Housed Resistor Type HCL Series are designed in a ultra slim package capable of dissipating high power where space is at a premium and heat sinking is available. The resistor is capable of absorbing high overloads in relation to its size. Aluminum Housed Resistor Type HCL Series are ideal for use in servo drives & controllers and frequency inverters. They are used for motor braking, dummy loads and in conventional power resistor applications.
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10 Apr 2023

Low-resistance chip resistors (UCR series) feature thick-film resistive element specialized for very low resistance from 11mO. Outstanding features are excellent rated power and resistance stability regardless of ambient environments.
Very-low ohmic resistance from 11mO is in lineup by thick-film resistive element.
Resistive element is located at bottom side, which reduces the resistance shift during mounting process.
ROHM is unique structure achieved im..
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