Volex | X-ON

Volex are in the business of saving and improving lives. Whether it’s a fresh cup of coffee in the morning or a critical MR scan at the hospital, the products that are manufactured by them are critical to millions of people survival around the globe. There is zero tolerance for downtime in the equipment and the devices that are connected to it. The power is always on and data flows around the clock. So they understand that it takes more than just some cable and connectors to make this happen. With over 120 years of experience in engineering cable assemblies, they bring an alternative view point into play when working with your product development team. Since it's known that a cable assembly has primarily two jobs; 1) to provide an adequate supply of power and 2) create an effective path for communication to occur. So they know what you want and are same like any other supplier or your own internal product development team. They provide in-depth service experience to the customer as they know that customer expects the products you sold them to do more than outperform those of your competitors. In other words, the service which they provide is top notch.